MTTL Asturias Special: By The Sea


The amazing Playa de Gulpiyuri.  It’s a sink hole located in a field on cliffs near Posada in Asturias.  At high tide, sea water rushes up through underground tunnels, pushing up sand and has created a beach.   It’s quite bizarre seeing the waves rise and then being sucked back down again.  I recommend a visit if you’re ever in the area.


On the Gulpiyuri beach


Ben concentrating on camera settings at San Antolin beach.


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2 thoughts on “MTTL Asturias Special: By The Sea

  1. I grew up spending my Summers playing at these locations as a kid but I had not been here with the photography bug in me. San Antolin, a dangerous place to swim but being such an ‘open’ beach probably a great location for photography. Thanks for the memories and the inspiration to go back there.

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